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“ I have this dazzling, yet a simple dream. A happy life filled with love, happiness, passion towards what I do, and people to share this all with.”

Something that’s obvious from my recent posts is that I am a thinker. Although I make sure to enjoy every moment living in the present and take life as it comes, tomorrow is a word that is persistently on my mind. How often do you think of it? And are you living your dream? Or maybe working towards it? My story cut short. Blogging to me happened out of the blue, and it’s been quite a journey so far. I am glad that I have managed to inspire a few people and the love that I receive is overwhelming at times. For those who do not know I also happen to be a music enthusiast and the Co founder of Drum and Bass India, a community promoting this genre and supporting underground DnB Indian Artists/DJs. I have no words to express how much I enjoy doing this. It’s a wonderful feeling that comes from seeing a section of people affected by your work and actions. Also continuing with being a Textile Designer and a Stylist, there is too much on my plate. I don’t really have a fixed structure in my mind, but I am very clear about where I am standing and where I need to head. Life hasn’t been perfect. But who said it was going to be? Patience and inner strength is all you need to follow your dreams. Don’t be afraid to be unique/different. Who says you cannot wear a bindi with a maxi skirt and an unstructured crop top. And when did you stop exploring music and start listening to what everybody else enjoys? Mainstream is passé. Don’t force something, but go with your guts is what I mean. Wear something you want to, eat something that you are craving for and say something you have meaning to. Is there a book that says you cannot be good at more than one thing? And that your career cannot involve more than one field? Such notions are nothing but crap. So I say, stop hiding, come out in the open, express yourself and get ready for your tomorrow. Listen to your heart and do what feels right, no matter how strange it looks/sounds to others. Live, love and follow your dreams.

Lee Cooper Autumn/Winter’14 Campaign – What’s Your Tomorrow?


A collaboration with Lee Cooper that I really enjoyed doing. It’s much more interesting when you get to express your thoughts and not only focus on clothes. Featuring my favourite picks from their latest collection that is running strong with a campaign, What’s Your Tomorrow that tells you to break free. This beautiful embroidered sweater was love at first sight. Reminds me of my mom’s old cardigans. Donning these with the over sized retro sunnies, an attempt to look like my mom I guess. Their Autumn Winter Collection is definitely worth taking a look at. Filled with a lot of graphic prints, florals and bright colors, it sure doesn’t look like the cliche picture of gloomy winters.

Garments : Lee Cooper

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