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Two. Razzle Dazzle Pickle turned two this month.
Feels like it was just yesterday that I wrote the very first post with a few pictures, all nervous and worried. So apprehensive about it that I kept the first few posts hidden. Well, with the growing passion towards this, things changed. The journey so far has been full of ups and down, every occasion left behind a lesson, and helped me grow as a person. This little baby of mine has taken me places, has taught me a zillion things, got me introduced to new things, new people, new ideas. Also, I must say how much fun it is to always stop, look back and see how my personal style has evolved on the way.
Summing up a few things I have learnt so far : Be humble. Don’t expect. Don’t be untrue to yourself, or to anybody else. Be confident. Be happy. And lastly, DREAM. Work hard and dream.
A big thank you my dear friend and my photographer Debjyoti Das, for always being by my side. Would like to thank my wonderful parents for the love and support they shower upon me. And a special thanks to every follower and reader.
 – Ritu

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