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 India’s first stylist-handpicked apparel store, Voonik. 

I have been meaning to publish this post for a while now. There is a lot going on and sometimes it gets really difficult to manage things. Let me start this with a brief introduction about the brand – Voonik. India’s first stylist-handpicked apparel store. What makes Voonik different from the other E-retail portals is their first-of-its-kind personalization-on-steroids platform. Some people consider it a task to find what is right for them, and well, it actually is a task, a painful one. What you like might not fit your body type or something that fits you might not be of your taste. Not like we don’t have options, in fact everybody belonging to each body type and skin tone, with different choices, have umpteen options to pick from. The only tricky part is how to choose the right products for yourself. Here Voonik comes to your rescue. They filter down the available products according to your taste/suitability. And it all becomes even more easy with their new Fashion App which has been recently launched. Download it on your Smartphone and shop till the phone battery gives up! The App (Also, the website) runs this short quiz the moment you log in. A quiz about your Body Shape, Skin Tone, Height and Style. And then give it a couple of seconds before they start to display the stuff which are just the right ones for you. Easy, eh?


Running the App is a cake walk, not to worry. Just give it a little while before you get the hang of it.
Like or Skip a product. Also, create a Lovelist of your favorite products. That’s not all, if someone else happens to buy something from your Lovelist, you earn credits. Don’t be disappointed if something you like is out of stock or is our of your budget, because they let you know when the prices drop or items are back in stock!

A wide variety of items from Jabong, Zovi, Fashionara to choose from, I guarantee you might get exhausted but the app will not stop displaying the products! The app also suggests accessories, shoes etc. to pair with a dress/top that you have picked. Share it with your friends on Facebook for their opinions or take a sneak peek at what others are hooked onto.

 All with this Fashion App from Voonik!
Go ahead, download it right away and experience Shopping like never before!
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