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After all, until and unless you don’t get out, how do you find love?  

I have been meaning to put this post up for so long now, so damn long! Um, a couple of months maybe, can you believe it! But as I have mentioned earlier, how with all these collaborations and projects you tend to forget the whole point of having a space like this. Writing your heart out. *sigh*

Okay, so this post is about Love. Loooouuve.

This girl, Nancy, I met her during a contest (almost 5 years back), and instantly connected with (even though being competitors, mind it), and managed to stay friends with (one of the very few girlfriends I have) got married recently. So she got married this June, to her love. The love of her life. (No no, no sarcasm) I took some time off work and went back home only for this wedding, A Mallu-Bong-Christian Wedding, yes (Think about their kids).
I remember what a chaos it was, so much work! The Mehndi guy coming late, the hot scorching sun, running around to the tailor’s shop, screaming at the wedding planner, dealing with the family drama, the last minute run, haha. (Nancy, do to kill me for this) Oh but how I enjoyed it so much, every bit of it. I really did. And yes, such an adorable couple, Nancy and Rishi, so much in love. They were together for quite sometime before they decided to take this next step. And yeah, a typical Bollywood story, where the guy during the very second meeting goes like ‘Wait, you are the one I am going to marry, wait and watch’. And Nancy, my dear friend, the difficult woman that she is, gave him quite a chase. But yeah, things fell into place, and they fell for each other, la la la. And here they are, happily married. I am guessing not much of a difference it made, just that they go to work and get stoned together as ‘husband and wife’ now, only that. Haha.
You two, wishing you two a life full of happiness, love and joy Nancy and Rishi, I am so happy for you guys.
And here are a few pictures that I managed to click between all the chaos and babel.
Well, coming to my favourite part now. The good side of this post is over guys. Tell me now, do you believe in love? Yes? No? Not sure? Well, somehow with time and not-so-good experiences (too young to say this but yeah), I have come to believe there in nothing as such called Love. Of course, the affection and care and love that we have for our family, friends and the living beings around is different. You know what love I am talking about, don’t you? I am talking about the ‘Love’ that we all keep talking about and secretly want. Let me make the picture clearer. You meet someone online, in a music fest, or you are just taking a walk, or sipping a cup of coffee in a beautiful cafe, or you are at a friend’s party, and then you meet this person. You get introduced, say a hi, smile, talk. And connect. Instantly. Or maybe take a little time, after you keep bumping into each other, and then this feeling of affection, and the warm feelings in you by their mere presence. And the desire to see this one person often, the feeling of longing when you don’t. The joy of having this one person around, doing things together, laughing, sharing every detail of the day maybe (of course depending on how busy this person is, or you are), dinners, coffees, dates, breakfast etc etc. And all that jazz. And then, then how long does it stay for! Do you get me? I am a person who hates changes, or I would rather say, I am scared of changes. I don’t like people leaving, be it that someone, or a friend. With a couple of closest people moving back to their city/country, I have to admit that I am devastated. And now things scare me so much that I feel people need to stay away from such drama, don’t they! But then as they say, these are the elements of life, ups and down, things that hold/make life so interesting right.
Ah well, Clouds, Music, Love, Bangalore Weather, you cannot expect me to shut up too quick on these topics. So, looking at the watch, closing with the hope to overcome this fear and to see more of love in everybody’s life. And I need to get the heck out of my house now, high time I end this hibernation phase. After all, until and unless you don’t get out, how do you find love? Haha. Not like it’s going to come knocking on your door.
*doorbell rings* Oh wait. There is someone at my door. Later.

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